Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally Friday

These days I am always wishing for Friday's. Although when you have busy still makes for a long week.

The boys are leaving in the morning to go caving with the Scouts. Not really something I am thrilled about. climbing down into a cave and wiggling thru holes and swimming thru water. Just doesn't sound anything BUT dangerous. But it is the Scouts and they like doing the extreme. Billy will be there and my friend Laura is actually going into the cave and promised to take care of Shawn. I am sure he will have a great time. He is excited. Which leaves me and Kayla alone. I am taking her to a painting class Saturday with our friend Emily. Then Saturday night Kayla is spending the night with a you know what that means right...GASP. I will be home alone...shhhh! I can't say WHEN that last happened. So I may sew a little, scrap a little, play online for a while. Who knows. I wish I had a book to read but I am waiting for it to come to the store...I had to order it.

We are now exactly 13 weeks away from graduation. Yep 13 weeks. We should be getting the invites soon I would think. I still need to plan her party and start making the list of who all will get a picture and announcement. Still so much to do.

13 weeks until school is out again. This year went by very quickly I think. Shawn is still struggling in a few classes but I am hoping he can pull it all out and get them passing. He already has enough credits to pass to the 10th grade but still. I would like him to pass all the classes anyway. Next year he will be in Honors Social Studies and in Spanish 3. Hard to believe. But then he is a smart kid. to work we go. Hi ho hi ho

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latte_grande said...

Wow, home alone, huh? I hope you get TONS of wonderful creative things accomplished! When are the boys supposed to be back? I'll bet they had a great time...I think caving sounds kinda fun! Well, as long as there weren't like, bats or anything. *shudder*
Looove your painting!! How has Kayla liked the classes? I'd love to see her work! :)