Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can I crawl under a rock please

I mean seriously. I need a week off. I would even take a day off. From everything. work. Being a mom. just enjoy some time for me.

But nope.....doesn't appear to be an option in this life time. Tomorrow we have 9th grade advisement so I will be at the school for who knows how long, in a crowded auditorium, with hundreds of other kids and parents, trying to figure out what classes my child wants to take next year in the 10th grade. Who decided to inform me that he no longer wants to do the career path that he has wanted to do since he was 10! Great. Now what in the world will he go to college for? He doesn't know...yet. But he does know he wants to take weight training next year. Of COURSE....never mind the education cause we can hook up with LOTS of girls if we are buffed!

then thursdays are just nuts here since that is the only day Kayla babysits...and I have to pick shawn up at tutoring at 4:30 and get Kayla to Jazzercise to watch a few kids by 4:45 in rush hour traffic. Not a great combination or good for my blood pressure.

I can't even remember at this point what in the world I am suppose to be doing Friday. Saturday Billy wants to take the camper to the camper place and have an awning put on it. Which will mean we have to close up the camper...hook it up...drag it to god knows where...set it down...and come back for the darn thing. And who's idea was it to get a camper?????

And before you know it...it is Sunday again and it all starts over. Can you tell I am fed up with stuff. The only saving grace is Barnes N Noble should have my last book in tomorrow and I can pick it up and relax with my book. But......what shall I do when I am done with it?? sniff sniff....

Got any book suggestions?

Well....guess I better go see if there is something I can sew...supper to make...something to scrap....something to do at least....

1 comment:

R said...

It will be alright.
Or pass-
Whichever one happens first-
I know you will be happy with.

Shawn said what?!
Oh BS.
Tell him I said so too!
Get his pencil and get on in there.