Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once again...

Once again time is flying by and way to fast. I can't believe it is February already. Good gosh it will be June before I know it and I don't have Kayla's announcements paid for yet, I need to order party invitations and I need to start buying up party stuff. Prom is next month and we still need to buy a few things for that and figure out if she is going in a limo or if her dad is taking her. Pictures. Flowers. Oh gosh still so much to do. I need to get the dress hemmed and NOW. And no I am not going to try and do it...lol!
I have been tossing up the idea of having a booth at the local arts fair in September. I try to talk myself into each year but never get the nerve. Now that I don't have to work the booths for the band anymore I can actually have the free time to have a booth. The problem. You still have to make everything that goes in the booth...lol! Sometimes my brain is bigger than the rest of me can handle. It just goes on and on and on with all kinds of ideas. Kinda like when your eating and your eyes are bigger than your stomach is!

Finished a baby quilt over the weekend. It should be going to its long distance home pretty soon to a first time mommy that I am penpals with! I can't wait. and I am starting on my 2nd big one. Again...a Christmas gift. So that will be two gifts down! So far so good. Billy's surgery is in 2 days so I will have some good ole me time while he is sleeping away. Sometime in there I gotta fit my mammogram in...fun!
Here is a layout I got done over the weekend for Treasurestoscrap.com! If you haven't been there you really need to go check out this site. The ladies are a lot of fun. I have known some of them for goodness......6 years or more. Several I have even met in person. Emily and Rachel...Shirley visits sometimes. I have met Dawn also. This layout is of me (of course...lol...and Rachel when she came down to visit a few years ago.) There are lots of fun challenges going on right now so hop on over and tell 'em Becky sent ya!
Don't forget to check out the Gutter to and post your layout link in the comment section. We really want to see what you come up with using the last prompt in January. I need to get busy on my February ones ;) Your gonna love them!


Rachael said...

I can't wait to work on mine this weekend!! You make me look gooooood :-) xoxoxoxo!!

latte_grande said...

Dang, girl, you're putting me to shame with those quilts...I haven't even started on the first one yet! You know, I'll bet you COULD hem that dress! ;)