Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gutter Girlz prompt for January 30th

Head on over to the Gutter and check out all the layouts by the DT for this weeks prompt. It was a lot of fun and here is my layout. The shadowing is kinda horrible because of the flower but in real life it is pretty cute if I do say so
News on our homefront...Kayla has a sinus infection and bronchitis. AGAIN. So she is all medicated up. she didn't get the skating rink job so back to square one and only 4 weeks before her dad makes her park her car for good. I'm so sad for her because I see her trying but no one is giving her the break she needs.
I am finishing up quicky projects so that I can start bigger ones. Scrapped this weekend and got 2 layouts done and 1 ATC card. Finished cutting out my next 3 quilts. 5 days until Billy's surgery and a long weekend for me. Shawn is camping in the cold again and I am praying for lots of snow Monday night. So how has your weekend been =)


latte_grande said...

Hey, I think the layout looks fabulous! I know what you mean about the shadowing making it look less amazing than in real life...I discovered that myself when I got my scanner. Oh, well, still better than a crappy crooked photo, IMO! :)
Sorry Kayla didn't get the skating rink job...hope she finds something even better soon! Hope you had a great relaxing and creative weekend!

R said...

Seems I need to cross the pasture and give Kayla a class in BS.
My weekend was...slow and really non productive.
But I DID do this:
I laid out most of my photography CD's to go into storage-
Counted labeled- and I laid out dollar signs with them $$$$$
Gave this job away- gave this job to the mother- gave this job away becz I know they couldn't afford it -gave this job away becz I go to church w/ them- gave this job away becz it was fun - gave this away becz the shots weren't what I wanted- etc$ etc$ etc$.
This has to stop. they are spread fr the scrapbook room into my bedroom and around the side of the bed- some rows twice.
(sorry for taking up your space. I feel better- ck is in the mail)

R said...

Spent lots of time with it!