Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well I voted. Several weeks ago actually. But I had a wonderful experience just now taking my daughter to vote for the first time. It was great peaking in and seeing her take advantage of one of our wonderful rights in America! So you know of course I will be adding her "I just voted" sticker to her Senior album I am making ;)

And what about this voting....history in the making no matter how you look at it. But even though it is history in the making I have to admit that this has been a very stressful vote and one creating lots of night time anxiety for me. Crazy huh. But oh so true. I mean I knew how I was going to vote along time ago but what is the stress and anxiety over??? ....the not knowing. not knowing how this will all turn out...how the country will do with the results...what will happen the next 4 years. It really has been bothering me. Why so much I am not sure because I know sometimes it takes more than 4 years for things to either work out or to happen. But still. Maybe it is change. Maybe the idea of huge changes when I really feel comfortable...maybe that is it. Who knows. Either way...what is done is done and its not like you can go change things ya know. Can't say "oh I didn't like how you turned out afterall so lets knock you out of office"...lol. KWIM.

But I do love that so many people ARE getting out to vote. that is how the country should be. People should be more passionate about other things too...like they are about this election. Take that passion and move it now to something else. It will really make a difference I am sure.

Other than voting nothing much is going on around here. Worked on a few more necklaces for my shop. Worked on a few pages. Sat on the computer for way to many hours. Getting ready for Senior Night friday night. Trying to decide if I can make CKU Nashville next year since good gosh amighty they are having it the week before graduation...eeek! Last football game of the season and then playoffs begin next week. Yes we made playoffs. Part of me is happy for the team and the other part is like oh my could we end this season already please!! And wow can you believe that Thanksgiving is really 3 more weeks away. GEESH!

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R said...

The girl mentioned nothing of her birthday!
She says---she doesn't want to discuss it-
"Well," I explained, "Its far better than the "D" plan".
So leave the girl a few good birthday wishes!