Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2

already! I mean jeeezzz..Slow down already. I've been sitting here thinking of everything going on this month...Christmas is only a skip away and I have not got my kids anything. Natta. Zilch!

This Friday we have Senior Night at the football field. Billy and I get to walk the field with Kayla. Very cool huh. It will be our last season football game too. They beat Cherokee this past Friday 40 something to zero and Harrison won. So we have to win this Friday and Harrison lose to Etowah for us to be Region Champs. Either way we will still be in the playoffs. Which means the season just keeps on going and going.

So what all do we have going on this month: lets see...birthdays for my sister, Becca, Sara Beth, Jordin, myself...Senior Night...Kaylas oral mom and dad's of that yummy Scout popcorn...Shawn attends the OA tapout campout...gotta send the boys out hunting at least 2 more times....Black Friday shopping...Thanksgiving of course...and lets not forget THE TWILIGHT MOVIE!!! woohoooo. I'm all set with my girl friends for a night out on the town with a dinner and a movie on the 21st. We can't wait.

and a little page from me that I did for the Tally Survivor Challenge this week. We had to use flower cut outs, a large picture and it had to be of our family. I like this one. alot.

Okay nothing else much going on....going to scrap some more today. Pack up Halloween decorations. Maybe start on some christmas stuff.


R said...

CUTE! Very nize!

emily said...

Becky, love the photo of the family. And the accents are perfect for it.

I'll have to find someone local to go with me to see Twilight, now that I've read the first 3 books and am midway thru #4.