Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so many are happy this morning. I for one sit here crying. Hoping that they are all right....hoping that things do get better for this country...because at the moment...I am more scared of the out come of this election than I have ever been in my life.


R said...

I completely understand your concern-

Lets rally in the facts-
we are ALLOWED/asked/begged to go vote.
We walk the streets freely- with gas for our cars-
ALLOWED to work- females that we are-
And our children can attend school-regardless of their sex or orgin-
And in Kayla's lifetime the opportunites she will be able to simply consider- are now limitless.
And your health care benefits will not be taxed.
God KNEW long ago who we would choose- now pray for HIS presence as we cross into unknown territory.
I am very excited for our nation to have crossed over willingly into a new phase of democracy - of course my dad has turned over in his grave.

latte_grande said...

I know this was an emotional election for SO many people and for a lot of different reasons......I just keep praying for our country and for our leaders, and have faith that God is good! {{{{hugs}}}}