Friday, November 7, 2008

Senior Night

Senior night was great. Once you take away the chilly air and the was fantastic. We laughed the whole walk down to the field because Kayla had wrote on her for 7 years. Once they started naming off people, student and their parents, they announced what they have completed in school...Kayla was so afraid they were going to say 7 years when everyone else was 4 years. We laughed that she was a massive! But once they announced Kayla and that she was escorted by her parents....they said she was in the marching band for ...........4 years...we giggled so hard that I don't remember what else they!
We got our pictures made before the walk and as she was excepting her medal and rose. We shook hands with the principle who thanked each one for giving their all for these last 4 years. And I am so proud because I didn't cry!!!!! then we walked her back up the stands where a few of her friends screamed WE LOVE YOU KAYLA and then she was hugged by one of the school police officers and was told what a great job she has done. It was really cool.

She got a braid to wear around her uniform sleeve but because of the rain...the kids ended up not wearing their uniforms so I just brought it home. She got a medal and a rose...and the parents....well...I think we should of gotten something at a weekend getaway...or a night of no stress or just something for getting our children thru 12 years of school. But...natta. Maybe that comes later right???

Seriously though...I am very proud of her. 13 years of school and she is well on her way to being done. Only 6 more months and crossed fingers that she passes all her classes ;)

And Shawn...well...he is off on a very cool Scout camp out. Several months ago he was tapped out to become a member of the Order of the Arrow in Boy Scouts. Only boys that are elected by their peers can join. I am so excited that he was given this honor and I hope he enjoys himself this weekend. They have the "ordeal" each year that the new boys have to go thru. I'm very proud of him.

well...I am just simply a very beaming, proud mama tonight. period.

AND...on the football note....East Paulding lost tonight which gives us the 3rd seed in the playoffs. We are 3rd place in our region. No region champs this year but they did pretty darn well ending 9-2. So we start playoffs against Milton High School this next friday night.


R said...


Had a profitable visit with my scrappin' kit sister tonight!

emily said...

Congrats to Kayla and her fantastic parents. I agree! Parents need some recognition after all the years, money, laughs, tears, etc.