Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday!

only a few more days....till Twilight. We have our tickets! 4:45 Friday afternoon. Then us girls are heading to Raffety's for dinner. It will be a blast. I have my new Forks Class of 2008 shirt (which is sooooo cool with my name on the back in the same class list as Edward - swoon) and my Team Edward button. I'm ready!

Today was pretty much just a standard monday. Lots to do at work. 2 days until weigh in which I hope I lose a little more weight by then. I am only 3 lbs away from my first goal of buying some new clothes :) I have lost 13 lbs so far and have dropped 2 pants sizes. pretty cool huh!

on the scrapping homefront: I give a few manufacturer DT calls a try. So I wrote up my email...hit send...and now to wait. And cross fingers. Being on DT's is just so much fun to me. I love getting to know the other members and become friends...and learn...and play with product. It really is a blast. Next month will be the last month I will get to be on one of the kit DT's. I'm sad. I've really loved it there...but....its time for a new team. So be looking for more information here so that you can try out for the team. Which leaves me lonely now and in search for another team to play with. I guess what ever is meant to be will be. I wanted to come home and scrap today but lord help me...I am so addicted to this Mob Wars and Vampire Wars on facebook that is now becoming a serious I thought genealogy took up my time but geeshhhh...being in these games is so addictive.

Health homefront: I have TOTALLY given up coffee. Can you believe it. I haven't had a cup in 8 days which I sooooo would love to have one BUT...I'm really trying to change how I eat and drink. I've tried to switch somethings to vegetarian or organic. Some are okay...some are just yuck and some are yuuummmy. Like these vegetarian chips I found. OMG they are delicious. Problem #1...I could eat the whole bag! Billy is feeling much better now which I am glad. That stuff was getting to be draining for us both. And I am finally starting to feel some human now. I still have periods where my sinuses hurt really bad but it is no where near what it was this time last week. I still have 4 more days of antibotics and then we will go from there. This weather is just not going to be friendly to me this year I don't think.

upcoming: are you tired of me talking! Busy upcoming weeks. We will be preparing for Kayla's oral surgery this week. She goes on the 24th so I am starting to get nervous about the whole thing but it is something we need to do. Got a few projects I need to get down this week and we have Playoff game #2 against Grayson High School on Friday. So just a super busy week.

Well if you have read this far..thank you :)
hugs and night

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emily said...

Fingers crossed for ya on the DT front. I know what ya mean about being on a team, which is why I was glad to get back on one this summer. And ya gotta love the freebie product!

Tell Kayla that I'm sending prayers and good vibes for her oral surgery. You'll need to keep me in the loop since Samantha will eventually go down that road.

And I sooo wish I lived close enough to watch Twilight w/you. The books were great and I need me a buddy to go to the movie (since Mat and Samantha haven't read these...not ready for Samantha to, not just yet).