Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Morning fellow bloggers....

Have Sunday morning!

let me start off by saying...TWILIGHT ROCKED! OMG I am now even more in love with these books. The movie was wonderful. There was so much not in the movie that was in the books but that is so expected when your trying to cram so much into 2 hours but the love connection was so still there. I loved the characters. We laughed at times. We teared up at times. We swooned at times. It was great. And it was really great going with a group of ladies your same age that understands the attraction. the only part I didn't care for was the 100 other screaming tweens in the theatre too. I'm taking Kayla this Friday night to go see it :)

Today I have a jewelry party to go to. Not looking forward to the 1 hour drive but oh well...its some time away from the house I guess.

Sent in my DT call entry to Gutter Girlz last night. Will see how that goes. I know it is always hard to decide so I don't hold my breathe usually on DT calls. There are so many much more talented people out there.

Trying to get my Christmas lists complete. Just a few more people to buy for I think. The kids just are not getting a lot this year. I think I will sit down Thursday and wrap what I have because on paper it just don't look like much at all. Which makes me buy more than I need to right now. Tomorrow is Kayla's oral surgery and if things go well it will only cost us $1500 but if it doesn't...then they will have to do a bone graft from her chin and put her to sleep and that will be an additional $2500....I am so hoping it goes as planned because I don't want them having to do a bone graft on her. That just scares me. But we will see come tomorrow afternoon. Prayers would be so appreciated.

The Raiders lost Friday night to Grayson High School 17-7. I know they are sad that their playoffs are over but for me....I couldn't be more excited. The football season is finally over..w.ohooooo! Now the band just has to do the Christmas parade and then its concert season. YEAH! Kayla is playing the bass clarinet this concert season. She is the only one so maybe she will have a special part? So far she is passing everything at the second 9 weeks half way point. Shawn on the other failing math AGAIN with a 47. I am ready to just give up on this. seriously.

Well off to eat some breakfast, make my Thanksgiving dinner list, and work on some scarves that I am selling.


latte_grande said...

So glad you loved the movie...I was really keeping my fingers crossed that you wouldn't be disappointed. I've not read the books yet, but I plan to pick them up from the library eventually. I just don't have time for reading right now! That's one thing I actually miss about when I was a smoker...I'd go outside for a cigarette and take a book with me. Got a lot of reading done, but I'm MUCH happier as a non-smoker, just to be clear. :)
Okay, enough of my rambling, lol! I'll be keeping Kayla in my prayers!

jensmack said...

my BIL let me borrow the first two books.. I didn't think I'd ever read them.

Last night (around 9pm) I started reading the first book and by 5:30 this morning I had finished book two.


I'm holding you responsible.

emily said...

Oh, glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. Still plan to see it but will wait till after the holidays. May go alone, unless I find someone who wants to go again (since most have already gone).