Monday, November 24, 2008

Etsy shop and other things know you want to stop in and look around...maybe even pick up an item or two :) Perfect stocking stuffers! I have extended my special until the 30th...that is buy one bracelet get one free or Free shipping for anything in the store. After the first of the year I am afraid that the etsy store will be no more (or I may change things up totaly and just put in different things) come get what you can before it is all taken down!

Today is Kayla's surgery. We have several appointments this morning and the surgery is at 1. Please keep her in your prayers that it goes smoothly and no bone grafts are needed. When all this is done she can smile and not be embarressed and just be even more beautiful than she is now :) oh.....and cross your fingers...she went to several places yesterday for a job...several were hiring and told her to call back today to speak to the hiring manager. So we are "hoping" she can get a job from one of them...and soon....before I strangler her...giggle.

Update to come later this afternoon once we are back home from the drs.

Kayla did great. It didn't take near as long as we thought it would and the dr came out with a thumbs up. No bone graft was needed. Thank you so much God for answering that prayer for me! It went smoothly and if you look hard enough you can actually see the post. Kinda icky. I didn't tell Kayla She has 2 stitches and it really looks nasty right now. She is VERY loopy from being put to asleep. We thought they would do it under a local, etc but they decided to knock her out. she was so funny coming out of that stuff. Bitchy too. Geesh. lol. She is resting now...has taken her meds....bleeding some....but at least sleeping.


emily said...

Sending prayers and good vibes for Kayla. I'm sure it will all work out. Fingers crossed on the cost aspect, too.

emily said...

Great to hear the news (no graft and that things went well).