Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank you Lord!!!

Shawn's dr called today and everything is okay. No signs of a mass or a tumor in his chest. She said that most peoples chest caves in and his just caves out. The pain he feels is more than likely from growth spurts and the bones growing. Thank goodness. I was so flipping worried about it.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers. It means a ton to me and my family.

Tally Rally.....only 9 days away!!!

And baby turns 15!! I can't believe it. I really can't. He has grown so much and so fast.

And on some more fun news...Shawn will be the school mascot (pirate) at Friday nights game. For one...this so suits him since he is so wacky and loves to make people laugh...and on the other hand I am "Oh my lord" worried at what he is going to do down on the


latte_grande said...

Oh, wow, Becky that is SUCH a relief! Thanks SO much for letting us know he's okay. I'll bet he has a ton of fun as the mascot, how cool!

R said...

HURRAY! for growth hormones!
Hey! Somewhere I have a pic of scary Shwan and his worse scary sister- Kayla!
Wonder how far I'd hava dig.

Rachael said...

No, no, no ...back in the old days (um, ELEVEN YEARS ago) the school mascot was A RAIDER. NOT A PIRATE. We jumped on the Cool Bandwagon, apparently. :-)