Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still waiting and more

Still UNpatiently waiting my sons results but we have come to the conclusion that if it was something horribly bad...they would of called already! Maybe they will call today.

I got my "I Run with Vampires" bracelet saturday and LOVE it I might add. I have worn it every day. Hmmmm wonder if that is why I am dreaming of my dear sweet Edward? lol. Did I mention I bought me a T-shirt that says "I am Bella" with a description of her. I am soooo Bella. It really is funny actually.

Tonight I get to come home and actually STAY. I don't have to go anywhere...do anything. Nope I get to enjoy sitting at home. Although I am sure I will find something to do. I want to scrap a little but with the survivor challenge coming out tomorrow I might just wait a few more days. And I am still trying to decide about the SC Tally Rally. I sooooo want to go but I am so nervous with all this gas stuff around here. But I want to meet all those ladies and it is driving me crazy!!! So I am still thinking on it.

Leah tagged me...thank you darlin! So here it is...very simple
So here are the rules!
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I'll be back to comment on your blog ladies so that you know you have been tagged!

And I am proud to say that after 2 years Shawn finally earned his Camping Merit Badge last night! I didn't think this kid would ever get that completed. So he only has 3 more Eagle recquired to get and 1 non-eagle!


latte_grande said...

Ack, what do you mean the Survivor challenge comes out tomorrow?!! Does that mean I only have tonight to get mine done? Dang, I better get a move on!
Yay for Shawn earning his camping badge! That one must be really hard, huh? Bet you're one proud mama!
I really hope you decide to go to the TallyRally! I'm so looking forward to meeting you! Stupid gas shortage. :(

Rachael said...

K! Thanks for the tag!! :-) IS my Uncle growing his beard back yet??