Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Shawn

Happy Birthday baby!!!! I can't believe my baby is 15 today! Where did the time go??

If I haven't told you in are so special to me. I love how you make me laugh when I need it the most, I love your goofy faces, I love your sense of humor, I love how smart you are but yet think otherwise, I love your baby blue eyes and locks of curls. You have been a sparkle in my life since the day I found out I was carrying you. I see the twinkle in your grandfathers eyes each time you two are together and that just makes the world come together full circle. I have huge hopes and dreams for you because I know that you....YOU...will make those dreams come true. You are so capable of doing what ever you want out of life.

The last 15 years have had its ups and downs but you have come out of it with smiles and so much happiness. With a father that loves you more than anything...(even though he gets on to you for the smallest things...that is what daddy's are for)...a sister that really does love you even though it makes her cringe to say it...and a mom who would do anything in the world for her son. Even though you came to me unexpectantly and at a time that was not good in my life...I rejoice each day and thank God for giving you to me when he did. I never could of made it all these years with out you my son....I love you. Forever and always.



Leah C said...

awww Happy Birthday Shawn!!!
(So happy about the results the other day too!!)

Hope to see photos of his big day up tomorrow! :)

latte_grande said...

Aaw, how sweet!! Happy birthday to Shawn!!

R said...

Who is this man child you speak so lovingly about?!
Ah- our SHAWN!
Little devil.
xoxoAunt Robin