Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Surely it can't be....

September already??? I mean seriously.....!!!

WOW. Well we are full swing into football season. The Raiders continued their 12-0 season last year with a win this year for the pregame and the first game of the season this past Friday. This Friday they have off but the band will be playing at the Annual Arts & Crafts festival. We are hoping Tropical Storm Hanna keeps the rains away long enough for us to enjoy some of the festival saturday. Then we are back to football games until well into November. 5 Competitions this year. I will miss one while I visit my Tally friends in S.C. I thought maybe I might be able to make it back in time but I don't think I will. That one is being held in Gordon Co. which is several hours away.

Today was a so-so day. I can't say that I don't feel good....I'm feeling okay I guess...but there just has been something "not right" about how I feel today. Not sick but just weird feeling. I have my guesses. This is my first "real" month after my surgery and I am wondering if my body is just not in the swing of things just yet. It's not doing what it is suppose to I guess and that just has it going for a loop. I don't know. I am going to curl up and read Twilight this evening. I am glad the ladies at Tally mentioned it. I am in love with it so far.

I finished my Halloween swap stuff this evening. I think I found a box so I just need to get it all wrapped up. I dont' know why I decided to send glass....cause now I have to worry about it breaking. But I hope to get it mailed out this week.

anyway.....I'm ho-hum feeling so I think I will just head to the couch now. night everyone

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