Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Sunday evening

Why oh why do they start a race at 8 PM EST. I never can make it thru the race. I'm already
Spent today doing this and that. And went to my dads. Here are a few pics from the day. i can't believe that Shadow is almost 6 months old. He has grown soooo much. And here is another sneak peak at my Halloween Swap items. I hope everyone likes them.
Well the hurricane is about to hit Louisana. I so hate that for them because recovery from Katrina has been so slow. this is just not a good thing. And then Hannah is bugging me. If it becomes a is headed for the GA coast which means we will get some of this storm pretty bad. Even though I am on the West side of GA right now it looks like a straight shot in the coastal area and heading NW. The last time...I think it was Ivan...that one crossed our area...there were trees down everywhere...major flooding...nothing like what LA is going to get in the morning but for us it was not an easy ride at all. I just hate these storms...for everyone involved.
Not much else going on this weekend. Just hanging out with my family. I think I may tackle the job of redoing my bathroom tomorrow. Well since I tore off some of the border and it looks trashy guess I can start getting it ready for some paint next weekend. It will be a huge undertaking with some chair rail molding, etc but I think it will look great when I am done!


latte_grande said...

Wonderful shots, Becky!! Sooo excited about the Halloween swap, love those jars, and that's one of my favorite kinds of non-chocolate candy, lol!

Christine said...

yummmm. i love the look of your swap! your pics are gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

Great photos! I love those jars. Where did you get them? BTW, I started decorating for the Harvest/Halloween season yesterday. I love it, too!