Saturday, September 27, 2008


They WON! Another one! EPHS is now 4-0 for the season. What a way to come off of last year and what a way to start off with the first time being in 5A! They played Marietta High last night and won 27-7!
And much luck to the Raider Brigade tonight as we head to Jasper for our first competition. Along with 16 other bands. More to come...with hopefully a 1st place win :)
Oh and shall I mention...5 weeks into school and Kayla has a 33 in Advanced Marketing and a 48 in computer apps. When I mention this to her she says "Yeah I know and I'm working on it". Um. Ok. I'm thinking no boyfriend until the grades get up. That should do it don'tcha think!
Got my Twilight bracelet! It ROCKS
And here is my layout for the week. This was our first Survivor Challenge at Tally. It had to be 12x12, use an owl or deer, title must be Life Is Beautiful, use 3 pictures, use 2 photo corners, journal on a cloud, make a paper piecing tree and use stitching on a side. I think I got all the elements covered.

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R said...

You covered it so well too!
Have a wonderful day!
I hope you have stadium seat for the tush-