Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a crazy week

It has just been nutty and one that I was about in tears each and every day. I hate that. Maybe it is PMS? My poor body is so out of whack since this surgery that lord knows what all is going on with it. All I know is I am so thankful that this week is over.

We got our furniture put together. FINALLY. Shawn and I finished that on Thursday. He also went and took his Eagle Project paperwork for approval on Thursday and they APPROVED IT!!! I am so proud of him. Now he has to get busy getting the project going.

We ended up having to put a $100 battery in the car. The car died while at the scout meeting. And Friday it died on me when I went out for lunch to de-stress. I had to be jumped off 3 times Friday. I finally got home and just had a meltdown. Then Saturday we took it in for a new muffler and tires. $550 later I only have new tires. I have to go back Monday for the muffler and lord knows how much that will be. Today I had to sit thru 6 hours of Continuing Education classes for my state license. Not a fun day that is for sure.

But I did come home and scrap about 12 pages - 8x8 pages - for an album that I am doing at work. I also am trying to get my ideas going for the swap that TallyHo is having. I can't wait and hope I can come up with something fun. I also want to start a baby album for my new little great nephew. He will be here in November and I am soooo excited. I just love little babies and being that I can't have anymore...well....I am just so happy for her and this new little life.

Back to school we go tomorrow. Week 2. So far so good. I know it is only week two but still. I am glad the kids are liking their classes. I think Kayla hates one of hers but that is okay. And Friday starts football season. Here we go folks. Friday night $50 football games (entry ticket and food) and then competitions with the band in October.

Oh and I am so excited that I signed up for the Tally Rally in SC in October. I am only going for Friday night and Saturday morning but I can't wait to meet some of the Tally girls!


mama_in_pajamas said...

Wow Becky! You've got alot going on...and to be able to keep scrappin in the midst of it all....I'm impressed. I am just not that dedicated, I guess! I haven't scrapped in a couple of months!

Hope you don't mind...but Charlee tagged me...and I'm tagging you. Go to my blog for the directions.

Christine said...

can't wait to see you at the tally rally! I hope you start feeling like your self again soon!