Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nerves are starting to kick in

and at high gear I might add.
Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment. And Friday will be my little outpatient surgery. I am starting to get nervous about it all. To be frank I want it done and off to the next chapter of my life but I am still nervous. I haven't talked about it much...I know it is a simple procedure but for some reason cancer keeps popping into my head. What if? What could it be? What are the chances? I know my chances of it being cancer are very low but weighs on my mind. Anytime they send biopsies off it is nerve racking. I will just be glad when it is all over and I am not worrying anymore.

I got one page scrapped this week but most of the week I have been working on genealogy stuff and making some bead necklaces. They are fun. Can't wait to share them with you. I still have some small work to do on them. If I can get up the nerve I will try to do a booth at the local arts and crafts festival with them but to be honest....I have no I am not sure if that would be a good idea just We will see.

ok...back to dig some more on the genealogy stuff. love ya bunches

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