Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm home!

Finally. I got super homesick and we came home Friday afternoon. I just couldn't stay one more day. It was a great time but I don't know...between missing Kayla...the dogs...a hot bed...I was just ready to get home.

Shawn tubed down the river so many times I can't believe he didn't float away. Gatlinburg is just not the same anymore. I was dissappointed with all the shops we went into. We saw a mama bear and 2 cubs while doing a motor trail. That was cool. We hit Cades Cove several times and got lots of pictures of deers. It rained Wednesday and Thursday which made it difficult at the camper...was nothing to do. On the other days it was hot as could be.

Got home Friday and picked they dogs up yesterday. Couldn't sleep any either day. Today I was up at 6:30. Guess my body is getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.

but I am all refreshed and ready to go. Ready to get some scrapping done so I will pick up my pictures tomorrow on the way home. Missed you all!!!!

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Rachel said...

I missed you - can't wait to hear all about your trip!