Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can I count down to vacation??

It's not getting here fast enough I don't think. Just a few more weeks but I so need it NOW.

I've been working on some genealogy the last few weeks. It has been keeping my mind off a few things. My Nanny has been on my mind so much. I guess because it has almost been a year. Where did that year go. seriously. And then this surgery thing coming up in less than 3 weeks. I will be glad to get it over. I know 2 people close to me that have had it done and their tests came back non cancerous. That is great. But why am I worried about it so much? Maybe that is normal. I don't know. I hurt. all the time. Is that normal ya think? I just want it done so I can get back to normal and not worry. I'm sick of worrying about things. It's always something ya know. Health. money. work. home. just always something. and that leads to stress which leads to me being cranky which leads to everyone being pissed off at everyone. Oh and the stress drives my creativity just slap out the door.

And to top things off my best friend called me yesterday to let me know that they are doing a bone marrow test on her next week. They care checking for lymphnoma? did I spell that right? It appears she has been having abnormal blood work for several months now...she was trying to be a surrogate mother for her aunt and all the blood work was bad. that lead to more test. that lead to the discovery of a knot under her breast. Which is now leading to the bone marrow biopsy. sigh. She just can't have cancer. I don't know if I could deal with it. She is a strong women and would fight it tooth and nail but I just don't know....I can't lose her too. I know that is being negative but lately with how I feel....negative thoughts is all I have.

I actually scrapped a page last night which was good. I think I am going to go work on a few more and see what happens. I need the creative outlet.

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