Sunday, May 25, 2008

When it rains it pours

well what a few days I tell ya.
Friday I went to my Gyn for my yearly check up. Told her of a few concerns I had and before you know I was having several test performed in office only to find out that I will need to have some minor surgery. It appears I have some polyps in my uterus. Surgery seems to be pretty simple and easy. Will be put to sleep and it consists of maybe 20 minutes if that she says. But it is the whole polyp thing that is scaring me. So why are they there? How long have they been there? the whole "sending off to have a biopsy" things scares the heck out of me. I am sure it will all be fine but my friend Leigh...well her cancer started off just with one polyp. She had cervical cancer though. And ya know last year I asked my dr about uterus cancer and she said they don't usually worry about that until your in your 50's. um I am just trying to tell myself it is no big deal. Or at least that is what I have told my family.

I had to start taking birth control. I haven't done that in 15 years! It is suppose to help with the surgery and make it go quicker. Not sure when it will be just yet. I'm hoping it will be after my vacation in July. But the second problem is coming up with the money. Our insurance has a $1500 deductible. And we were thinking of getting Kayla a car so I know we can't do both. And then money for vacation. Oh's just not all sitting with me very well right now.

On the brighter side I am pleased to announce that I have a senior in the house :) She passed! woohooo! We started working on Shawn's math yesterday. Geesh. No wonder he failed it. They shouldn't be teaching this to 8th graders. This is way to hard of math.

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emily said...

WHOHOOO for the senior! Congrats, Kayla! Knew you could do it! Can't wait to see those senior pics that your mom was so excited about. I'm sure we'll see several (or more) in LOs along the way.