Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's time for the school vent

Well we have one more day of school left. I have never been so excited about the last day of school. I have HATED these 3 years of middle school. Every ounce of them. The stress right now is just overwhelming. Today I finally had the mental breakdown that has brewing up for a week.

We can't seem to win the battle on the CRCT Math scores that are just horrible. The State Superintendant just says that they were "expected". WHAT EVER! ya know her child passed the darn test so why would she be concerned. I know...I should be harsh but damn it. When are they going to wake up and admit they screwed up. stuff on the test not even taught??? How can they pass a test if it isn't taught. yes 60% roughly passed the test but that is all over the state. Just take our county for instance. Maybe Gwinnett County had a high pass rate. good. They they taught their students. And then you have our county who in just 4 schools 455 students failed. Do they not see something is wrong! And tell me something....what kinda of class...and especially a core class...does not give the students books to study from! Well our county just didn't think math books was important????? the kids had workbooks that were NOT allowed to come home. So how do we help teach them at home.

It's just upsetting. I have a son who last year scored very high on the CRCT to then turn around this year and fail it by 11 points. Which means he will have to retake it in June. And if he doesn't pass it then...then he is retained to the 8th grade. I think NOT. I will do everything in my power to make sure he gets to the 9th grade where he DESERVES to be. I am NOT going to let one silly stupid test decide his future when all that test is there for is to make the state look good. I'm sorry. but no...I do NOT agree with standarized testing nor will I ever vote for candidates in the BOE that supports it. there are just a few things that I am very passionate about and my children and their education is one of them. How dare they base our children on how smart they are by a test. A test that shouldn't have been given to them as it was written. A test that was not lined up with the curriculum that was taught.

And then to top things off his school mysteriously say that he never ordered a yearbook so he was not given one. ON NO I think NOT. I called right back up there and demanded he get a yearbook (yes pardon my launguage but I have been a really BIATCH this week). I have the cancelled check and I have the order form stating it was ordered and paid for.

This has just been a horrible few weeks. It's driving me nuts having to wait a few weeks just to know if Kayla has passed and will be going to the 12th grade. Her math teacher is not the friendlist person no matter how hard I have tried this year. She will not tell me how she did. It would be nice so that we could line up summer classes for her but noooooooo....let's not help at all and just make us wait. Over it. Did I mention I am just OVER it.

I want Kayla a senior...I want her graduated and into college. I want my son in high school. I want these crappy school years that have haunted us GONE and forever forgotten.

Okay....sorry for the vent but I forwarned you it was coming =)

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emily said...

Oh Becky, I feel for you. I so wish there was some way for me to help. I've never heard of a math class with no book, and a workbook you can't bring home. And the lack of communication isn't helping. I hope both kids head to the next grade and get fabulous teachers who will inspire and who stand up for their students' rights.