Monday, May 12, 2008


sorry I haven't posted in a bit. It's been crazy here and something is wrong with our stupid phone lines and internet. I had to place a call into the service to come out and take a look. Everytime the wind blows it goes crazy and I can't log on. I MUST have my internet!!!! Please fix

We survived Relay for Life friday night and raised $600! I thought that was awesome. Then we turned around and had Kayla's 18th birthday party Saturday. Come sunday I was so exhausted. Still am actually.

Tomorrow and Thursday are our last Biggest Loser training sessions. I worked out today and hope it didn't mess with my back. I hurt it again Friday and have been nursing it some but have to make sure it is okay to work out tomorrow since it will be a tough day. I think I will kinda miss the Biggest Loser but in the same token...I want miss the intense workouts. They were getting to me a bit. I plan on to keep going to classes thru out the week.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. my hubby surprised me with an ipod Nano. I was surprised. He never does anything on Mother's Day except a card. And the kids....well...they didn't get me anything or do anything for me. Well lets see if I do anything for them on their birthday dagumit :)

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emily said...

Oh dear, don't be hurting yourself, Becky.

Whoohooo on the Nano.

And for K&S: Shame on you. Now, go give your mom a big hug and say "I'm sorry!"