Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not a good day

Well it started off good at least. We had our training session today. We gave our trainer the scrapbook page I made her. She LOVED it. I will miss her. She is so full of information and we haven't even gotten it all out of her yet.
I did great on my sprint times today. I was soooo proud. And I didn't crash while running...lol
then I came home to find out that Shawn failed the Math portion of his CRCT tests by 11 points. So he will have to retake it June 19th and MUST pass it or he will not go to the 9th grade. I was sooooo not happy. And as the night is going along I am finding many other parents in the same shoes we are in and extremely upset with the state, with the rules they have set, with these tests...with it all. there is no reason he should of failed that test. He is an ACE with math. It's crazy. So it has really screwed up the summer plans with Day Camp...Summer Camp...I don't know how we will get it all handled now but we will. We always do right. (Come on...here is where you agree and help me believe it will all be okay). I really want to have my Senior and Freshman next year. Not that I am pushing them to get out of school and all cause I really want them to stay young forever but I am OVER middle school. I want him out of there.
Well I have cried so much today my head and eyes hurt so I guess it is time to turn in.
We have one more training session Thursday and our last challenge is Friday. We have heard it is aquatic but I don't know that for sure. Kinda hard to do an aquatic challenge when I can't swim. We will see I guess.

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emily said...

Not to worry, Becky. It WILL be okay. You have 2 good kids. They will succeed. They may have stumbles along the way, but they will be just fine. Like their momma!