Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rock on Jeffie!!!!!!

for those that know know I am a diehard NASCAR race fan...and you also know that I am a diehard Jeff Gordon fan! My house can tell you that! Well I just have to say how stinkin proud I am of Jeff this year. He missed winning the champion ship by 70 points (but may I add that if this was the OLD POINT system he would of clinched championship SIX tonight...grrrrr). Can you tell I don't like the new point system. anway....he came in second which isn't anything to be disapointed about. But I sure wish he would of won. A little bit about his year! He DOMINATED this year with a 30 consecutive top 10 win streak! That in its self broke a record. He surpassed Earnhardt in the wins and has won a total of 82 races in his career. Just two more to tie with Bobbie Allison! He won 6 races this year. He also had the cutest baby ever over the summer!

Well...I'm sad....bummed...that he didn't clinch the championship but Jeff...I'm still your NUMBER ONE FAN!!! Let's get 'em next year!!!

Just a little layout that I made last weekend to show off my Atlanta Motor Speedway tickets from this past March :)

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