Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful. We headed out thanksgiving morning about 150 miles away to Franklin North Carolina with my parents and sister...with our campers in tow. We cooked a FANTASTIC dinner that afternoon with a tear jerker of a speach from my dad. Friday and Saturday we went gem mining which was so much fun. I just wish it would of been warmer so that we could of done it more. Saturday morning was 21 degrees!! the high never got out of the low 50's. if that.

But it was a blast. We got home around lunch time today and immediately put up the Christmas tree. It is sitting here glowing right next to me. I love it.

Been busy working on some DT stuff too. Be watching at IAMAScrapaholic for this next months kit. I have my hands in it right now and all I can say is yum. I just hope I can do this paper justice!

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