Monday, July 23, 2007

My baby Smokey

I'm sad to say that on our trip home Sunday we were told that my baby cat Smokey passed away Saturday. I am so heartbroken I can't really put it into words. He would of been 3 this October and to think he want be climbing in my lap anymore or licking my face to wake me just hurts. And it hurts knowing that I wasn't here for him. Maybe I could of helped....done something. I didn't get to say goodbye or even hold him in my arms. Because we were gone my sister buried him for me. I appreciate her doing that so much but I long to just see him one more time. Pets touch our lives like we never think they will. They make us smile, laugh.....they don't ask why. They don't fuss...they know when you are sad and give you the love and hugs that you need. It's just not the same when they aren't around. I just want be the same around here with out little ole "Hoover". I love you baby. The guilt I feel for not being home is just killing me. Maybe i could of prevented this. I don't know.....

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