Friday, October 7, 2011


That is what I am screaming today....TIGF!
It's been one long week.
And yesterday didn't end to well indeed.
We will get to that later.
First I want to share a little project I made. I can't show you all of it but this is a little sneak peak...I entered this in the Clear Scraps Contest. It was so much fun to make. I used a lot of different products....some items from the Front Porch Kits Club, some from a few goodies I got from K&Company...and then a little bit of this and that from my own stash. I love it.

Made a few more tutu's. This is the candy corn tutu. it is precious! Seriously. Little Lauren will be sporting this one for Halloween. I think I will have a booth at the local school and have some tutu's for sale there. Just easy ones. Maybe add some flowers. I think I will take about 10 of them.

and on to the roosters and hens. They are growing so quickly. this is mr know it all. He is pretty much the king of the roost. We don't have eggs yet. Billy got the nesting boxes up last weekend and they are checking them out but nothing just yet. Not sure if they will lay anything this winter or not. I think they are just wanting to be stubborn. But they best watch it...I can sell them in a heartbeat!

Little Danie LOVES the chickens. She loves to sit out there watching them all. She is so stinkin cute. I love this little girl so much. This weekend it will be just me and her. The kids will be working so me and her will be chilling spending some lovin time together.

I was hoping to be productive this weekend but now I am thinking that might not be the case. I might make some tutu's and store them away just to have something to do. I ran out of fabric for my latest quilt and can't get anymore until next week. So really nothing to work on. I have some fabric on order for my last Christmas gift. Yes I know...I added just one more to the list. Maybe this weekend will be a great time to clean and organize a little....maybe ....we will see. Hey I might even get a painting done or a scrapbook page or two :)

So on to the blah.....Shawn hit a car yesterday. :(
It was only in a gas station parking lot but still. I am thankful no one was hurt. With that said....AARRRGGHHHHHH. There goes our discounts. there goes our insurance sky high even more than what it is. and I can't afford it now. I just don't know what we will do if it gets much higher. I told that boy...that's it...enough lounging around...job time. Serious job time. So he is to get to looking for a REAL job. I can't carry these kids anymore....I mean they are 21 and 18 now...time to help out youngins! Before mama goes and jumps off a bridge because she can't figure out how to pay the bills :(
Anyone want to buy a tutu :) lol!

On a serious note.....well artsy note....check out my art website...there are still a few paintings left. Be sure to click on the painting to see if it has been sold or not.

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