Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gooooood Wednesday Morning

Hope all is well in blog land.
LOVING the fall weather right now. Our windows have been up for a week and the weather is just fantastic. Nice chilly mornings and wonderful afternoons. I love this time of year (plus I love the light bill when it is a lot lower).

Along with the cool weather my painting mojo has been sneaking back in. Over the weekend I was able to get these two paintings done. The top one actually is a 3D painting. I have one canvas glued/nailed on top of the others. I think it turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. The one below did not start off this way but as I was taking pictures of it to share...I had an ah-ha moment and changed the whole picture. 

I finished buying up the fabric for my quilt I am designing. All I need now is the batting for the middle. I'm hoping I can work on that one a little next weekend since hunting season begins and I can devoke all weekend to it. I think it will turn out pretty cool. And of course I have yet another quilt I started. I decided on ONE more Christmas gift! I swear this is it for this!

Bought a few gifts yesterday....slowing getting Christmas finished which feels good.

I just ordered my Tally kit yesterday. If your looking for a GREAT sale on some kits....head on over there. All kits are $21 or less! Kits are limited!

Have a great Wednesday folks!

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