Monday, September 12, 2011

I survived....

I survived Paulding Meadows! One more completed arts and crafts festival under my belt. It was GREAT weather...not to hot...a little chilly in the mornings but that was okay. I sold 10 paintings Saturday and 4 on Sunday. WAY more than I planned too so that was just perfect in my books!

My husband says we will do it again next year....I say...I don't know. We will see I guess. I still have a lot of paintings to find new homes for so if I make more....well....we will be over run with

Right now I am switching gears and going to make a tutu since those were pretty popular this weekend. And I have a few more projects to finish. First on my list is to get my stuff together for the Pillow Talk Swap 6. I have my time to create :)

pictures to come. I may be AWOL for a little bit. Heading to the beach this Thursday so if you don't see me....I'm playing in the ocean with butterbean :)

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