Monday, September 5, 2011

a few paintings this weekend

Of course I can't start a blog post off without a little butterbean action! The fun thing about this picture is that I have NOT altered it in anyway. Some how or another the background turned a perfect black while I was taking these pictures. LOVE that. She loves to chew on her wet rags. Love that little girl.

We have been babysitting her in the evenings while Kayla works. It has been a lot of fun. Nothing like Nana, Papa and Butterbean time.

In between bad weather, rain, tornadoes, carpet cleaning, storage unit cleaning, babysitting, erands and much much more....I was able to get a few projects completed!

These are a few paintings that I made for a few special people out there. Hoping to get them out in the mail this Friday. I used nothing but K&C paper and embellishments along wtih some pen work and paint. I really love all the butterflies.

And lots of 3D action!

I am about finished with my last Christmas quilt. I am glad to get these done and out of the way. Now I can begin working on my own quilt. I am designing this one and trying to take notes along the way. Maybe a few pictures to boot. We will see. Hopefully it will turn out like I have it in my mind. I am using some fabric that my online quilting friend Julie posted. Of course it was discontinued...anything I really like is...but I was able to find 5 fat quarters in the UK and bought them up! I got the beginning of the cutting going on now. Lots of 2 inch sashing! And of course butterflies in the fabric :)

Today was some messy weather with lots of rain and tornadoes. We had one touch down in between our road and the next road red light down. Not good. I don't like them close like that. Prayers for all the people that had to deal with the aftermath of these storms. I am very happy they are done and over with. just too many tornado warnings for my taste. Hoping this will bring in some colder weather for the art fair this weekend. I "think" I have all my paintings ready. Will have some sewn items and Kayla will have some crochet hats. not a lot of planning went in to it this year which I am ashamed about but you can only do what you can do right? If you don't have plans this weekend...come on out to Paulding Meadows. I will be in booth 165 and 166. ALL day...both days. It's a long and exhausting weekend but then I can enjoy a few days out of town with my sister to relax...hopefully....maybe.

Stay of the quilt to come as soon as I can get a good day of light to photograph it :) review coming of a must read book for all the ladies out there.

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