Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I've been up to

A bunch of craziness I tell ya! I just don't know how or when to slow down!
We have so much going on these days that I don't really get much computer time like I had. You would think that in the summer months things would slow up but nooooooo...not here at the Thackston house.

I've been steadily working on quilts. I really wanted to get these sandwiched together, pinned and ready to quilt. I was REALLY hoping for some quilting time this weekend but instead I cleaned the house and threw up a bunch of stuff on ebay. Which by the way I KNOW you want to check out my ebay auctions and I KNOW you will find something you really want....I need to move this stuff OUT. Forget spring cleaning...I am summer cleaning! Here is a link to just one of my auctions if your interested. And if your local...I will take off the shipping. Basic Grey Paper and yes I am parting with my Basic Grey Paper. I have more than I will ever know what to do with. And this is just 160 something sheets!  I still have TONS But anyway...back to quilting...below are a few of the pinned quilts. Ready for me to get some sewing time and start working. the top one is the newest....fabric I picked up last weekend to work on a quilt for the baby...yep another one. Except I will hand stitch this one. Yep I am crazy. This will be my camping project when I am not relaxing or reading.

and this would be what my craft table looks like when I am in the middle of way to many!

the chickie babies are doing well. They are growing so quickly.....getting their new feathers....tail feathers and even the combs are growing fast. We took out a section of the pen and they can now fly around on the wire and have more room. and they are getting brave and will step up to the edge now with us. We had to finally put the covers on the feeding troughs because they were scratching out all the feed. That can get expensive let me just say. I tell them they are in their teenage years.....

Because they are in that inbetween stage and look kinda funny half feathers and half fuzz. this here is one of the Roosters...see the green on his head. The man we bought them from painted the two Roosters head. But I can still tell them apart because the Roosters have a pretty white front as the hens do not.

Getting ready for some camping. I can't wait although I am not thrilled about the money we will spend. The most expensive will be rooming the dog at the doggie daycare and then of course the campground site. Oh and the night at Dixie Stampede...sigh...but that will be the only night we go out into town and actually eat out. It will be an experience having the baby with us that is for sure. Oh and she was gone for 4 hours today and I will just say her papa and nana were about to go crazy without her here! Yep we missed her big time!

And speaking of are her latest pictures. Today....she is now 15 weeks old.
Isn't she just the cutest :)

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