Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here we are....

And here we are....

My baby girl is 21! WOW. Can you believe that. Please tell me I look to young to have a 21 year old! It has been a long and bumpy 21 years I do have to admit. And she would too. This time last year a lot happened between us that left her birthday a sad day for me. But a year has passed....she has grown....she has given us a beautiful grandaughter...and she has told me how sorry she was for last year many times. 21 years.....I was a young mother...only 18 when I had her....whisked away from home to live 5 hours away...only seeing my family a few times a year and trying to learn how to be a young, new mother. But I did it. somehow I made it happen. I never knew how much you could love another person until I had Kayla. Now granted...over the years she has pushed that love and made me wonder why I haven't strangled her yet or given her away to the first takers :) she was a little baby...only 6 lbs and 7 ozs. But long. She slept good thru the nights. I still can remember she used Similac with Iron formula :)  We used to love to play fashion dress up with her so that she could wear every outfit given to us. My grandmother was so set that she would be a boy that for the first few months she wore blue diapers since back then they made blue and pink ones. Her delivery was easy and quick. only 6 hours. Born at 1:36 in the afternoon at Ft Stewart in Hinesville, GA.
Here she is on her first birthday. We were visiting grandmama and grandaddy. Her great grandmother was there also. Oh my how I see Tensley Danielle in those eyes. Yep Kayla will have her hand full in about 9 more months. 

 She has grown into a lovely lady. She has accomplished a lot. Perfect attendance from K-12. Graduated High School in 2009. She has found her love of art in ways that I am proud of her in grasping. She has become a mother. Even at 21 she still has a long way to go and still so much to learn, but I think she is closer to that adulthood where things make senses. But again...still a little ways to go. If only she will listen to me mother her for a little while longer.

Happy Birthday my daughter! I hope that you have a wonderful day. and in case I haven't told you....I am happy your home.

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