Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Tuesday Morning

well back to work I go. Time to do Year end reports and some catch up. Yeah. Not. I could stand for a few more days off I do believe. I woke up with a sinus headache which I just don't need right now.

Sylvester is home. He had surgery yesterday. I dropped him off at 7:30 and then picked him back up at 4:30. He was still so drugged when I picked him up. He could barely walk without falling over. I hated to see him that way. The side of his neck is shaved where they removed the cyst/tumor. They said it was pretty deep and he has about an inch and a half incision. They also removed one from his ear which notched his ear. I wasn't happy about that but hubby said it just looks like he has been in a fight. This morning he is still not 100%. I found a can of cat food I gave him since it was soft. He enjoyed that. But he still hasn't been to the bathroom. He just sits in the litter box. I hope by this afternoon he will be back to norm. Now we wait 2 weeks for the test results. Supposedly black cats have a higher rate of melanomas. I am hoping it comes back just fine because I am not sure I am ready to make the decisions it would call for if it doesn't. this kitty is my baby and I love him so much.

Shawn and I had several appointments yesterday. Dentist for us both and then Shawn to the eye doctor. He has been having some eye pain and headaches. eyes are perfect so the next step is to our PCP or an ENT and see if it is sinus related. Poor boor is pretty sick right now with a cold and junk so I am saying it is sinus related. We did order his class ring yesterday too. At first he wasn't excited about it and didn't want one but as we started and he designed it the way he wanted too....yeah he is tickled. We should have it in about 2-3 weeks.

I ended the night by FINISHING my quilt!!! yeah me!
Now to get a pretty day so I can photograph it for you and share. I am so proud of this quilt. I made so many errors on it but that is what handmade is about right. That is one thing that quilting is teaching me...its okay to make errors and everything can't be perfect.

18x24 - $45 - Orange Sunrise
And finally my early morning inspiration from yesterday. There was a beautiful sunrise and it just sparked this painting. I think I am done with the paintings for a few weeks at least. I need to work on a few other projects and need to sell a few paintings before I can really go buy more canvases.

Well time to head on out....have a great day!

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