Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow it's November already

I just can't believe that. Where does the time go.
It was just the summer...now I am counting down to my birthday. And even closer to Christmas. sigh. Just to quick for me these days. Wish things would move a little slower.

Haven't been able to get any crafting done the last few days. I spent most of yesterday afternoon going through all my paper looking for a specifit company to work with...lol. Before I knew it...it was 8 pm and time to chill out for a while and read. Maybe today.

Big congrats to the winner at Unibind and DinoTalk. We all had to make Halloween albums and she really rocked her album...complete with pictures! I never had the time to get pictures in mine. Now I just need to get me the Unibind system so that I can really finish this book. Maybe I will add that to my birthday/Christmas wish list...lol! hmmmm that list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Looks like I am going to have a fun weekend participating in lots of blog hops! Those are so fun! And there are so many of them going on this weekend. Should be fun. Hubby is heading out hunting Friday so that leaves me with LOTS of computer time! love it.

don't forget to check back Thursday and see what I have created this week for Magistical Memories!

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