Sunday, November 14, 2010

A great...productive weekend.

First off my birthday was a great one. The girls at work decorated my desk and took me out for lunch. They also made a cake and gave me a gift card to Archivers. My husband sent me red roses but somehow he decided not get me a card or let the kids go shopping for me...and then he ups and leaves to go hunting for 5 days....hmmmmm.....
That's okay....because this saturday I am throwing him a SURPRISE 50th birthday party. Pay back!

My mom came over and we talked about my birth. I was due Dec 7th but was born Nov 12th. Breech baby also. I was feet first. I was born at Paris Island Marine Base in Buford South Carolina where my dad was stationed. My mom had a dr appt that morning and she told them she thought she was in labor. They didn't believe her because she still had a month to go. She then told me that because I was breech...they had a dozen Marine drs lined up at the foot of her bed so that they could witness a feet first delivery. LOL...Guess I really made a grand entrance!

My wonderful friend Emily surprised me with canvases and paints so I couldn't dissapoint and decided to paint a little Friday night. Here is what I came up with. They are all 11x14 in size and is $60 for the set. what I woke up to this morning. A beautiful red sunrise. Although my camera did not nearly pick up the bright red of the sky.

and to top off the weekend. I FINISHED the baby quilt. I worked on the binding for 3 hours last night. I just HAD to get it done and complete....mark that off my list of to-dos! Now I seriously want to save up my money to buy the fabric I want off Donna Downey's website. Then I can start MY quilt. This baby quilt will be one of Kayla's shower gifts from me. She has already seen it but I want let her have it until January :)

I played around with some Glue Dots and Imaginisce stuff last night. Will be posting that later on in the week. I have one more huge project to finish this evening....only because I have to use it for the party Saturday. Then I do believe I am caught up for at least a week! I might not know what to do with myself without a project to work on. I have a few books on order but they want get here until later in the week so I am in an inbetween place with nothing to do. Guess I will have no excuse to not organize my coupons

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EmilyB. said...

Oh Becky, the quilt came out beautiful! I know you are proud of yourself, and you should be. Nice job!