Monday, October 4, 2010

A Great weekend

hmmmmmmmm doesn't look happy does! Kayla and I went through all the clothes that have been given to her and pulled out all the girl stuff that she wanted to keep. Sadly she does not like these headbands so we decided to try one on the cat. I'm not so sure he likes it
This is my coffee painting for the day. This one is 16x20 and will be selling for $35.00. I HAD to get some painting done! It was just calling me.

And is the baby quilt that I am starting. I got it all sewn together a few weeks ago and finally went and bought the backing and stuff to start on it. I was a little nervous starting....and decided if I don't just jump in and teach myself....I will not learn. My wonderful friend emily keeps telling me to come over and she will show me....but I am impatient...haven't had a chance to get over there and decided I will teach myself :) sooooooo I got 4 squares done last night. I was pretty nervous but excited at the same time. It's going to take forever to get this done.
I also got 2 scrapbook pages and 1 canvas done yesterday but I can't share them with you just yet..... :) I received a yummy goodie box in the mail and was asked to make some projects with it and maybe.....hopefully...crossing fingers...they will make it in a magazine. I will let you know how that goes because I am sure I am not suppose to tell details just yet. Anyway it has been fun!
I'm still shocked about Magistical Memories. I couldn't be happier right now. Finally a dream I have had for several, several years has came true and it is just the bestest thing ever!
Oh and sadly I have not been updating you on the diet homefront have I? Sorry about that. As of yesterday I am down 12 lbs! It is awesome and I am having to buy lots of new stuff. Now to just find someone that will give me handme I would never of thought that 12 lbs would make that huge of a difference when it comes to pants
Shawn's birthday went PERFECT saturday. We spent the day at the family lake and then took off to get him a jacket for his birthday along with dinner at Longhorns. It was YUMMY!!! Sunday we spent most of the day just spending time together. Kayla was IN A MOOD so we just stayed away from her as much as possible so that she didn't bite anyone's head off. Hubby and I took off loafing for a while. But all in all a great day around the house. It was so chilly we had to shut all the windows. Back to work I go today but it is going to be a busy week that is for sure.
Happy crafting!!!

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Christine said...

congrats on the baby girl. i want a baby girl so i can buy nothing but pink and barbies. lol. i had the tomgirl.

love your art and congrats on the dt!