Monday, September 13, 2010

What a weekend

Man this weekend was SLAMMED packed and I am an exhausted gal that is for sure.

Friday evening we spent a good 2 hours putting up the booth and walking around the fair to see what all else was going up that night. We had to start Saturday morning EARLY at 5 am and be at the fair by 7:30 to unload and get the booth set up. My 9 we were ready to rock and roll! It was mighty hot and a long day that is for sure. I sold 3 pieces of artwork Saturday. We closed the tent and headed out at about 6 just to wake up and do it all over again Sunday morning :) Sunday I sold 2 so you know what that means. I told my family if I could sell 5 pieces of artwork that we would do this again next year! Looks like I will be doing it It really was a lot of fun. I enjoyed spending the days with my family and with Emily. And just enjoying all the creative crafts that were spread out everywhere. I so loved seeing everyone come out and say hi too. It was a great weekend.
But now I am overly exhausted and have to work all week. It will be a long week I think. lol
And I have my running list of items I need to be getting accomplished this week. That list is growing at a huge rate!!!
No new layouts to share. Haven't had the time to do them but don't worry.....they are a comin'

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