Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Tuesday afternoon

Saturday night was a blast. Here are some pictures of us at the Alan Jackson concert. We had a great time out with our friends. It was nice to have an adult date night for a change.
Sunday we worked around the house....this and that really. I worked some more on some paintings. My awesome friend Emily gave me a bango which I gave Shawn and he was as happy as a clam all day playing away. It was great.
Monday didn't turn out as great. To much to list here. Just problems with the older child. Things I never thought I would have to confront her with. And the stress of telling your child they need to straighten up by such and such time or move out. So I have a deadline for her. Lets hope she does some changing...and quickly.
Today was okay I guess. Just sad. The pollen is horrible here in Georgia and we can all barely breathe. but stupid me as the windows open in the house because I don't want a high light bill for at least one month! It's just so pretty outside though. I love this weather and the cool breeze. I think if our UVerse $100 rebate comes this week (crossing fingers) I will head to Home Depot this weekend and buy an outside swing :) that would make me happy that is for sure.
Entered the local art show and the reception was Sunday. didn't place at all. I was veyr dissapointed. I just want to place...just one time. Oh well. The competitor in me want give up...but will just be sad for a while.
Here's hoping tomorrow will be a much brighter day.

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Christine said...

Alan Jackson!! How fun. Love the pics of you guys. Hugs on the deadline. I will be following along since I have teens.