Friday, February 26, 2010

Woohoo Friday

Yeah it is Friday.
I have a day off from work and a long list of things to accomplish.
I'm hoping to get most of it done today so that I can relax Saturday and Sunday. Crossing fingers.

I will be taking another painting class on Saturday and then just signed up for another one next saturday which will be AWESOME...we will be using a palette knife to paint with next week. Can't wait! this might help me learn a few more techniques to make a few more paintings.

I can't believe February is almost over. boy that went so fast.
Kayla has 2 more weeks to finish out her Winter Quarter. Still on pins and needles to see if she passes this quarter. Shawn on the other hand is failing 4 out of 6 classes. I'm not happy about that! Not at all.

I plan on getting some scrapping and maybe some painting done today. Or at least hoping so.

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latte_grande said...

"Whoo-hooo, Friday" is right!! This was the weirdest frikkin week ever...thank God next week is March. Soooo ready for winter to be done! lol Hope you get all on your to-do list accomplished today. And yay for learning to paint with a palette knife, I've always wondered how people do that!