Saturday, December 5, 2009


I can't remember the last time I saw snow this early in December. Shoot Georgia rarely gets snow anyway. But it is. Spitting snow as I speak...or

The boys are out camping. It's our annual Christmas in the Woods with the boy Scouts. they went out last night. I am heading out in a little bit and will spend the rest of the day with them. Nothing like being so bundled up you can't move and huddling around a fire to stay warm all but the food tonight is WELL worth it. Amazing food!

got a few more Christmas gifts finished last night. Yeah. I am just about done and need to go get about 4 giftcards. And waiting on a few shipments to come in. I bought Shawn a coat at Old Navy for $20! LOVE IT. So I went back last night to get me and Billy one...yeah they don't have anymore...bahhumbug. I really wanted one and billy really needs one. So much for waiting on that huh.

Well off to my scraptable I go. I need to work on the Gutter Girlz layout coming up!

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