Monday, December 14, 2009

Good morning

What a crazy weekend we had.

First an update on Dianna....she is still in the hospital. The stroke was not as major as first said but still a bad one. they just got her heart rate to stay low as of yesterday but she doesn't stay awake for very long. Still no use of her right side. And she isn't to happy to be there. Prayers needed to make this a speedy recovery for her.

Tonight we are going caroling with the scouts to a scout family that means a great deal to us. Michele is battling cancer...she is such a strong woman. I can't wait to go tonight and see her face when we are all singing.

Shawn had an interview yesterday with the scouts for a leadership staff position for this summer. Not sure when we will find out if he got it. Waiting anxiously to see. I am proud of him for even attempting to apply.

I'm off work today. Sitting here drinking some yummy coffee while the house is all asleep still. Gotta get Shawn up for school soon. I have a few appointments today and some errands but going to try and make the most of my day off if I can. I really need to be sitting here typing up Shawn's referral letter for his Eagle review but I don't know what to say. Bad huh.....I'm nervous about it and just want to make sure I write it up well. Guess I just need to bite the bullet and get it done and in the mail.

Have a scrappy great Monday

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Emily said...

Hope the interview goes well for Shawn. I'm sure he'll do great.