Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving Eve didn't go very well at all so today I was VERY Thankful that each of my loved ones were here with me. We had a wonderful lunch and then the boys packed up for a 4 day hunting trip. That left me alone and lots of time to decorate the house. So I got my tree(s) up. This year I decorated our family tree a little different and did just blue, white and silver. I do love it. I went and hit the Michaels Door Buster sales and bought a 4 1/2 ft entry door tree and decorated it with all the kids home made ornaments. I just couldn't not pull them out this year. I have had them on trees for 19 years now. Got my Jeff Gordon tree up and some lights outside.
Now to just hit some sales tomorrow and get some presents under this tree.

I did some painting too. I got this one finished this morning and I am working on a very BRIGHT abstract right now. Waiting on the paint to dry.
I'm going to have a one day Black Friday sale on my website if your intersted. Just check out Art from the Heart and anything that has not already been sold will be $10.00 off. Can't beat that if your looking for a one of a kind gift for someone this holiday season. Just give me a buzz if you like something. I will even ship it to you if I need too. shipping will be 1/2 off also.
It's pretty quiet around here and only 9 pm. I think I will fix some hot tea and curl up with a book for a while.

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Emily said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Becky. The art is wonderful and the tree is gorgeous. Ours real tree goes up next week but the SW tree can be worked on this week. Mat did most of lights outside this past w/e while we started on inside decorations. Love Christmas!!