Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is oozing right now. I am loving it. But gosh....I can't do anything about it when I am sitting here at work. I haven't had this much inspiration in a long time....to just pull out all my scrappy stuff and just scrap away! Not sure what sparked it but I am so glad it did.

So I as I sit here at work I am sketching and jotting down what I want to make.

I have decided I need to win the lottery. Simply because I have ran across items lately that I WANT to try so bad but just can't buy them right now. A few examples... ALL the new Prima stuff. goodness gracious alive it is to die for. And the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I must have this stuff! Like ALL shades! LOL. A few more items on my list that I really, really want...the Tim Holtz craft mat....chipboard...I need some major chipboard....paper..gotta have more paper...hmmmm wonder if I make a Christmas list if anyone in my house with bother to get anything like the above??? I doubt it. Guess I just need to save my beans...lol!

Today is a wet and yucky day. The perfect day to be home and scrapping I tell ya.

My birthday is just a few days away. Not sure if I am excited about it yet or not. Getting to close to 40 now to be to excited...lol. My dear friend Rachel sent me two CD's I have been wanting...Zac Brown's band and the New Moon Soundtrack! Love them!

We got our TWILIGHT tickets yesterday! Woot woot!! Double excited about that. We are having a girls night out on the 20th and seeing the movie.

Also signed up for an awesome Canvas Scrapbook class this weekend in Carrollton. It's at Sweet Memories. You can see her store at SweetMemories.typepad.com I wish it wasn't so far away for me (45 mintues) or I would make this a regular place to hang out. But it is just to far away. But I am making this exception because the class looks fun and I would love to meet my online friend Judy who is driving from Alabama to take the class.

Okay....I've typed a book today. Off to sketch a few more things and figure out what I want to create when I get home

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