Saturday, November 7, 2009

another lonely weekend

NOT :)
The boys just left for the weekend and I have a FUN filled day planned. Once I get out and hit the grocery stores...I have to pick my art work up at the gallery. It's been hanging there for a month so I finally get to go claim it. If I'm sold. If not...just another picture to add back to my collection. I need to get busy working on the one I want to enter in the Spring. It's going to be a large waterwheel picture.

After I pick my artwork up I will be heading to austell to take a painting class with Ann Cockerill. I can't wait and am very excited. I hope I can learn a few things.

then I will head to my parents house for a little bit to show off what I

Then back home to get some projects finished. I have one more quilt to finish before Thanksgiving and one more blanket. Then I am done with the sewing. Have a few layouts to finish and maybe a few layouts to submit. We will see. Haven't had any bites on the submitting homefront but that just comes with the territory I guess. to get started with my day. I will post my painting when I get home

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emily Irwin said...

Can't wait to see what you do in your class. And enjoy the time doing what you love!