Monday, November 16, 2009

Advent Calendar and more

Here's a few shots of the advent calendar I worked on most of yesterday. The lighting was not all that great but you get the idea right? I think it turned out pretty cute. I used all Basic Grey paper. The middle picture is the finished product with the added snow on the bottom. I have a lady at work that might be interested in buying it so that is cool!
I am about knee deep in projects right now. I love it though. I have a quilt that I have to finish sewing together. It is the last of the homemade Christmas gifts. and then I just got my december kit for Scrap-tastic...OMG it is yummy! So I want to play in that. And just a few layouts I would like to get done to jump ahead of deadlines.
I got an email from Scrapbook and Beyond today for a layout...WOOOHOOO! I was really excited about that. I needed the boost. It will be a summer layout I have that will go in next years summer issue. Now to dig through my albums and find
On a sad note...a young boy, 21, was killed down the road from my house in a one vehicle accident this morning. He was on his way into work and had just called his friend and told him that he was heading to work. I heard the sirens at about 5:45. I left not to long after that and saw the scene. I didn't see the actual accident because it was a little bit past the red light I was at but there was a lot of cars on the scene. It appears he hit a tree. We saw the tree on the way home and it was not a small tree and took a chunk out of it. I cried. It is just so sad to lose young people like this. this will make the 6th kid that has passed away since Kayla has been in high school. All from car accidents. It really scares me each time she gets behind the wheel. My heart breaks for this family. I am beginning to think that small area of road is haunted or bad luck or something. Over the last 5 years 2 people have been shot and killed, a grandmother was struck by a car and killed, this young boy and then one of our politicians for the county lived in a house right there and died in an airplane crash.
Shawn may not try out for baseball after all. Why you ask? Because he would have to cut his hair. just not acceptable. lol. He is going to ask the coach again on thursday how short it has to go and if it is above his ears I think he is bailing on tryouts. Which makes me sad because he is good at baseball...but he doesn't like his hair short. SOOOOO....if no baseball tryouts in the future well then he might consider track. The head football coach keeps telling him that he is conditioning him for track because he wants Shawn to be in track in the spring. Guess we will see.

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Emily said...

Becky, so sorry to hear of the tragedy. My heart goes out to the family.