Tuesday, July 21, 2009

more paintings

Here are the paintings that I made over the weekend. I have sold two so far. The double abstract and the water/reflection one. I was excited about that. Someone asked about the three small ones but I haven't heard back from them yet. and if the flower one doesn't sell I may just hang that one in my bedroom :)

I really didn't expect to sell any of them to be honest...considering I have never really painted before. But I am finding that I LOVE this. Still have a lot to learn and as I practice I am sure they will all get better and I will learn new things.

But there ya have it. I spent all weekend doing these and I am truly addicted now. Now I just have to raise up the money to go buy more canvases :) lol

And yes I did put on my Christmas list that I need art supplies. Now I just need to get my pencils out and start drawing some. That is my next goal but it takes longer to draw a picture than it does to paint one. So we will see. Will just have to see.

Oh and good news. KAYLA GOT A JOB! They hired her today and she starts tomorrow working from 4-10! We are alllllll excited and hope this is what we need to turn this girl around and get her to grow up some. With College just started a few months away she needs to get back into the real world so to say.

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latte_grande said...

Yaaay about Kayla's new job!! Let us know how she likes it.
And of COURSE your paintings are selling, you silly girl, they're just GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! :)