Tuesday, June 30, 2009

this and That

It's GUTTERGIRLZ day! Today was our prompt day and I really loved it. Check out the blog and see what else everyone else did. Here is my layout of ME.
And when you get a moment check out onesingleseed.com because our friend T has all her page kits 60% off! What an awesome deal!
on the homefront...nothing new. Shawn is at Summer Camp hopefully having a good time. Kayla is lord knows. She lost her job over the weekend so she is "suppose" to be looking for a new one but I don't think going to the mall and movies qualifies for looking...do you? We are getting ready to go camping this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be nice.
I had a Physical Therapy visit today and it appears I have moved my hips out of sorts and that is the cause for the extreme back pain this last month. No walking on inclines, elipticals or hiking. lovely. And here we are going camping. oh well. Only live once right.
Not been to creative lately but I'm trying. Got to finish this layout on my table. I think I just need some awesome pictures to work with. Now that my kids are grown I don't have near as many pictures. Hopefully vacation will give me what I need.

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emily said...

Oh, LO looks great. Better go check GG for more inspiration.