Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just a few snapshots

Playing with the camera as we were driving home down the interstate. I thought this turned out pretty cool

Just some shots of the flowers around here
Been playing with the camera some. Just taking shots here and there.
I have a few scrapbook pages to upload but just need to do it. I can't believe that half the year is just about done. Where has the time gone?? I have one more quilt that I HAVE to get made and I think I burnt myself out on them. Great. Hopefully I can get back in the mood and soon. I am proud of the ones I did get finished. Still haven't sold my other two purses. I hope they will sell soon so I can put the money back. I am trying to save for a new camera. Yep you heard me...a new camera. Something a little smaller than my SLR and a little bigger than my pocket digital. Me and my toys!
Been working on lots of genealogy stuff lately and have met two wonderful people...Vivian and Linda. They have been a wealth of information and just great to chat with. Been finding some cool pictures on line.
We really don't have much going on this weekend. Going to take Shadow to the lake and see my dad. That is about it. Shawn is heading back to Sun Valley Beach today but I wish he wouldn't go. He is sooooo sunburnt but the girls are calling him so I guess he has to
HI BECCA!!! so glad I got to see you yesterday!!! love the I seriously need to get my drawn and figured out. Maybe we can get ours together :) a honey bee and a butterfly for me :) to the grocery store so that the family isn't starving all weekend.

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